The Overhead Squat

Basic description of a the Overhead Squat: Loading overhead while lowering and raising the center of mass

This is a gif animated image of an athlete performing an Overhead Squat

Performing The Overhead Squat

  1. Find the ‘overhead position’ – take a wide grip on the PVC pipe (as wide as possible to start)
  2. Perform 10-15 Pass Throughs: Starting with the PVC pipe on your hips, bring the pipe over your head and try to touch your back, then return back to the hips (increasing mobility and safety), inch hands closer if pass throughs become easy
  3. Then take the PVC and place overhead (the PVC should bisect the head)
  4. When the bar is over the middle of the head, we call this the ‘Frontal Plane’ which essentially divides the body front and back
  5. We aim to keep the bar path in the frontal plane at all times
  6. With arms locked straight and armpits pointing out, elevate the bar upwards
  7. Maintaining an upwards constant pressure (active shoulders) on the PVC pipe, perform a squat (following the points of performance of the Air Squat)
  8. The PVC pipe needs to stay balanced over the middle of the head
  9. Any deviation forward or backward of the bar path is not optimal

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journal page preview of the overhead squat technique

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