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Standard Fitness Journal Pages

Your Fitness journal is designed to help you record your goals, workouts and PRs. Along with those we've thrown in some amazing tools and charts to help take you to the next level.

Fitness Journal Tracking Page Previews – click a thumbnail to preview each option

The Fitness Journal 1x Workout Page has much more writing room but fewer entriesThe Fitness journal 1x+food workout page lets you record your nutrition with plenty of workout spaceThe Fitness Journal 2x workout page has a balanced amount of writing space and workout entriesThe fitness journal 2x workout pageThe Fitness Journal 3x workout page gives the most entries but has less writing spaceTrack whatever you want on the fitness journal blank lined workout page

Fitness Journal Table of Contents — Click on a page name to preview it.

WOD Journal Pages

Our WOD pages are geared towards the activities you might find at a CrossFit box. This includes extensive mobility work, weightlifting and metcons. Your WOD (workout of the day) varies greatly so we've tried to build a lot of flexibility into the workout pages and PR tracking.

Weightlifting Journal Pages

As a weightlifter, we know you're doing a lot of movements, circuits, reps and sets in each session. We've designed you a much larger table for recording your lifts and sets, allowing you to focus on lifting that weight.

Weightlifting Tracking Page Previews – click a link to preview each option

Weightlifting Journal Table of Contents – Click a link to preview a page

Running Journal pages

As a runner we know you're focused on events, splits, times and distance. We've tried to build a bunch of pages from training plans to race breakdowns to give you the edge you need. Your workout page has a large section for notes so you can write out what is working and not working in your training.

Run Tracking Page Previews – click a link to preview each option

Running Journal Table of Contents – Click a link to preview a page

Build a Journal pages

Goal Setting Tips  –  Blank Goals Page  –  Smart Goals  –  Body Measurements

Goals w/ Milestones  –  Circle of Skill

One Month Calendar  –  Agenda View

How to Use  –  How to Scale  –  Training Zones  –  What is Fitness  –  What is Rhabdo   –  Safe Lifting  –  Keys to Fitness Success

10 Physical Skills  –  Fitness Acronyms  –  Common Bar Setups  –  Functional Movement  –  9 Foun. Movements  –  Resources –  Typical Fitness Class  –  What is CrossFit

Competition Planning  –  Preparation Checklist

Interval Training  –   Run Training  –  Triathlon Training  –  Race Planning  –  5k Training  –  Half Marathon –  Marathon

Mobility Intro  –  Static Mobility Complex  –  Mobility Quick Guide  –  Injury Modification  –  Body Limitations  –  Warmups

Basic Concepts  –  Shopping List  –  Macro Nutrients  –  Supplements  –  Paleo  –  Zone  –  Recipes

Yoga Types  –  Flexibility  –  Flow Sequences  –  Pose Library  –  Meditation

Barbell  –  Bodyweight  –  Conditioning  –  Yoga

Heroes  –  Girls  –  Classics  –  Travel/Bodyweight

Milestones Introduction  –  Milestones w/ Records  –  Athletic Milestones  –  Strength Standards

Running Records  –  Qualifying Times

Conditioning PRs

Bodyweight PRs

Weight Perc. Charts  –  Power Lifts  –  Olympic Lifts  –  Weightlifting PRs

Wendler  –  Conjugate  –  Hatch

Swim – Bike – Run Pace Charts

Notes Page