The Muscle-Up

Basic description of a Muscle-Up: Elevating your center of mass from below the rings (hanging) to above the rings in a position of support (arms straight)

This is a gif animated image of an athlete performing a kipping muscle-up

Performing the Muscle-Up

  1. Establish a false grip: rest wrists on the rings and wrap fingers and thumbs around (grab tightly)
  2. Arms are straight and feet not in contact with the ground
  3. Maintain a tight mid-section
  4. Pull your body up so the rings hit the chest
  5. Transition through the rings into a low dip (thumbs by armpits and elbows high)
  6. Straighten the arms and press out so arms are completely straight

Add this movement breakdown page to a fitness journal or training log

journal page of muscle-up technique setup and execution

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