Frequently Asked Questions

What is in a journal?

All of our journals include 150 pages, a printed-on-demand cover and flexible spiral binding.

Each journal has specific information, personal record and workout pages tailored to its requirements. A weightlifting beginner journal will be quite different than a running beginner journal.

We've created a BeginnerExperienced and Blank version of each journal to match different skill levels and desired assistance.

  • Beginner - Our Beginner journals include extra fitness and nutrition information at the beginning of the book. We also add some deeper goal tracking guidance and mobility concepts to make sure you have the right tools to begin your journey.
  • Experienced - Our Experienced Journal removes most of the information pages and replaces them with additional workout ideas and workout pages.
  • Blank - Our Blank Journal was made by popular demand as a journal with just one goal page and 149 workout pages. If you just want to track your workouts, then this is the journal for you.

How long will my journal last for?

How long your journal will last varies based on the workout page and the contents you choose. All of our journals are 150 pages long so if you have more information pages, you will have less workout pages. Therefore, the beginner versions of each journal will not last as long as the experienced, which will last less than the blank journals. 

This is especially important for the Build a Journal, if you choose every single option available, then you will have very few pages left over for workouts, if any.

Similarly, if you choose a workout page option that has 1 entry per page, then the journal will not last as long as a journal with 3 entries per page.

You can add up to 75 extra pages to any of our journals to make them last longer.

Can I see my covers in real time?

Yes! You can now create a cover in real time using our cover designer. We have it available for our Custom Cover Workout Journal, Build a Journal and Wholesale Workout Journal.

How long will it take to get my journal?

It takes us a couple days to create the cover and print the journals but generally we ship out your order between 3-5 business days after we receive it, which puts it in your hands within about 10 days.

Why haven't I gotten my journal yet?

It could be there was a problem with the cover design and we've emailed you for confirmation, please check your spam box for an email for us. If there's nothing in your inbox, send us an email and we'll figure out what's going on. 


What size and format should my artwork be in?

We prefer high quality JPEG or vector files, photoshop files also work great. If you are designing your covers in house both the front and the back covers need to be 8.5inx5.5in with a quarter inch inner margin and an eigth of an inch bleed. The inner margin needs to be free of writing or images that you don't want potentially cut off.

How much does it cost for you to design a cover for us?

Nothing! Cover and content design is included in all of our bulk orders, just give us your logo, colors and website and we will create a few ideas to jump off from!

Can I get different types covers?

Yep! We have had some affiliates find great success in ordering their journals in a variety of colors. Other affiliates that have done preorders give us color and name combinations for each cover, some have even given us athlete photos for individualized covers! And not to worry, it won't cost you anything extra.

Can we design our own WOD page template?

Absolutely! If you want your members to track specific metrics or make the layout perfect for the way you run your classes you can! The best way to start the process is to either create the look you want in a word processor or draw it out by hand and send us a photo. From there we will put it into our design software and get you a draft to edit. There is NO extra charge to design your own WOD template!

Can we add in our own pages?

Of course! The sky is the liit with what you can customize in our journals, all at no extra charge. If you have an intro education set up, gym rules, favorite quotes, athlete photos or anything else you want included, we can make it happen.

What do I do to reorder?

Reordering is easy!  Just email Evan, let us know if you want to make any changes and you are all set! If you request changes then we are happy to see how we can update them this time around! 

Can I get different types of journals for the same bulk discount?

You sure can! You can split your order up into different types of journals and combine the quantities for the best bulk discount. 

How long will it take to get our journals?

The time it takes to create your journals varies. We collaborate with you until the journals are perfect, a process that can take anywhere from a day to a month (or more). Once your think your journals are absolutely perfect, then we will go to print. Printing usually takes a few days, depending on the size of the order, and all bulk orders ship out via Priority mail, with delivery across the US ranging from 1-4 days.

What If I am unhappy when they arrive?

We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your journals when they arrive we would love the opportunity to fix them, or refund your money. 

Can I get a sample?

Sure thing! Just email us with your information and we can get a promotional journal in the mail to you ASAP! *Wholesale clients only

Shipping Questions

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Heck yes we do! We love all of our armed forces and definitely ship to APO and FPO addresses.  Please don't select "Expedited" or "Next day" shipping as these are not carried through to the Military postal system (it just assures it will arrive in military mail in that fashion). If the shipping cost is not being caclulated correctly and is showing as very high, please email us so we can get you set up with the right shipping!

Do you ship internationally?

Most certainly. Your journal will ship via USPS priority mail. If you want to save on shipping you can go in with a few friends, we can fit 4 WOD journals in a package for the shipping cost. We can even invoice everyone seperately so you don't have to go around collecting cash. Just email us and we will get you set up. 

Return Questions

Problem with your journal? We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction, just let us know what happened and how we can fix it for you! If you need to mail your order back we will provide a free shipping label for you to print out!