Wholesale Bulk Journals and Branded Notebooks

Our bulk journals and branded notebooks are about giving you more tools to empower your clients at wholesale prices. You already give them instruction and a positive environment where they can thrive. But are they retaining it? Are they internalizing their data?

- 150 Pages
- Flexible Workout Page Layouts
- Custom Printed On-Demand Cover

- Tools, Info, Benchmarks, PRs, Wt Charts and more...
- Free Revisions
- Just Perfect

Wholesale Discounts apply to all journals in the store 


Bulk Journals and Branded Notebooks

Our bulk journals and branded notebooks are about giving you more tools to empower your clients. You already give them instruction and a positive environment where they can thrive. But a lot of their success has to be internally motivated.  

Using a journal or branded notebook allows them to easily and efficiently record their workouts, lifts and data. That data then accelerates their improvement!

- 150 Pages
- Flexible Workout Page Layouts
- Custom Printed On-Demand Cover

- Tools, Info, Benchmarks, PRs, Wt Charts and more...
- Just Perfect

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Pricing Details

Minimum order of 10 journals











We know you invest a lot in your clients, journals help them invest in themselves. 

Journals and notebooks are far easier to use and more flexible than any smartphone app, while still providing your clients with the information they need to improve. 

We don't charge for design work, but custom takes time, so if one of our standard templates works for you, order processing is much faster.

the ultimate


Journals will make your clients better because it is the ultimate tool for keeping track of your workouts. Simple, flexible and tailored, with pages built to track goals, weightlifting, mobility and conditioning you want. In addition, we include benchmark workouts designed to push your athletes and weight percentage charts to make tracking even easier. 


BRANDED Notebooks

What you look at matters, and a cover made just for you can inspire your athletes. Our covers can be branded and tweaked and massaged to make them perfect for your gym or program.

We try to make it easy with our cover customizer but we're happy to help you finish your designs!


tearproof and waterproof

branded DURABLE Covers

A cover should protect your workouts so that you can use those workouts to build your future. We use our  Our thick, plasticized covers will protect those treasured workouts through gym bags and weight drops. 


Worked with Evan to create a custom front and back and he had all the answers. Once the design was set and order placed I got it just a few days later. Highly Recommend! -Russ from Muskegon CrossFit

Russ Muskegon CrossFit


the right bulk journals

For you

We've created a Beginner, Experienced and Blank version of each of our journals so you will have the perfect journal for where your clients are at right now. If one of those doesn't work for you, we can BUILD IT for you by picking the exact pages you want from our page library.

  • Beginner
  • Experienced
  • Blank
  • Build it

The Experienced version of our Bulk journals are for athletes who know what they're doing, but want a designated place to put PRs, benchmarks and goals. 

We've stripped out most of the information from the Beginner version, leaving the essentials needed to focus on improvements, workouts, PRs and Goals. We've also thrown in a couple quick guides for mobility and nutrition and plenty of benchmarks for the hard-to-think days. 

workout pages

to help your athletes

You need a workout page that helps your athletes thrive. A workout page that helps them answer the questions that will make them more effective.  That's why we've created tailored workout pages to make sure your branded notebook fits YOUR client's needs. We've got different versions of each so you can pick the amount of writing space that you need.

define their futures

with a goal page

Use our bulk journals goal page to help your athletes keep on track and review their progress. Every journey begins with a goal, even if it is simply picking up the barbell once per day. This tailored goal page will help them set and achieve their goals.

watch them progress with

BENchmark workouts

Need a workout idea? We've got some, in fact, we've got tons in these journals, and we're happy to add more. If you have benchmark workouts that you'd like your athletes to see multiple times in a year, we're happy to include them in your bulk journals so they can have easy access to all of their scores.

improve their

Personal records

When they are training smart their personal records will improve and they need to keep track of that. Why? Because those PRs are the highlights of an athlete's journey, when they push themselves farther or faster or heavier than you've ever done before. You can pick the personal records, whether they are weightlifting, sprinting, obstacle course racing and more.

Hayley, MAXX Strength

I am a box owner and bought these to sell in my gym! Members love them and it’s so helpful as a coach to have gym members track their workouts and progress! Highly recommend to any box owner to have these available for your members!!


journals last longer with

extra Pages

If you want your bulk journal to last longer, then you need to add some extra pages, That way none of those workouts will escape your client's amazing branded notebooks.

find your place with a

goal Bookmark

Use the Goal bookmark to keep track of their most important goals, get a little inspiration and jump right to their most recent workout pages. Quickly jot down any PRs and focus their efforts with the least amount of trouble

Wholesale FAQ

We’ve made thousands of wholesale workout journals for gyms around the world and hear a lot of the same questions, let’s see if yours is here.


Are there Wholesale discounts?

Yep, the more you buy, the more you save.

In short, every workout journal in our store has wholesale pricing applicable to it.

Once you get above 10 journals or handbooks, we apply our discounted rates. That means 10 extensively customized build-a-journals cost the same as 10 basic wod-journals or American Barbell journals. Regarding customization, we’ve created dozens of journal templates but we’re happy to modify them, just let us know what you’d like to change in the order notes.

250+ — $9.99
100+ — $11.99
50+  —  $12.49
25+  —  $12.99
10+  —  $13.49
1+    —  $19.99

Do you have the journal I want?

Probably, but if we don’t you can reach out to us or use the Build-a-Journal to create it.

Can I put my logo on the journal? 

Yes, you can use the cover designer, or upload your file with the upload button, or send it to us by email and we’ll design it for you.

Can I get a digital proof?

Sure, we can send you one, just let us know in the “order notes” and we will send you a preview of the journal before printing.

Can I get a digital proof BEFORE ordering?

Unfortunately no, because we cannot see your order details until it is submitted, we cannot create a proof before the order is created. However, if you’d like, we WILL send you a digital proof of your order, and are happy to revise (and revise, and revise…) the journal after you’ve reviewed the proof. Just remember to let us know in the order notes.

Can I change my wholesale workout journal order after buying?

Yes, but we try to move fast so email us quickly or let us know you’d like a digital proof if you’re unsure about something.

Can I change the contents?

We are happy to modify the contents, just be as detailed as possible in letting us know what you’d like.

How much does it cost to customize?

Revisions are free, and if you need alterations, we’ll make them until it’s perfect for you.

Revisions are free?!?

Oh yeah, you better believe it, we want it to be the perfect tool for your client’s success. Please be aware though, revisions take time.

How long does it take for delivery?

For orders in the US and Canada, journals take between 10-14 days from when we get  final approval (if you needed additional customization). 6-10 days if no digital proof is needed.

What if I need a Rush Order?

We do our best to accommodate rush orders and can turn journals around in 1-2 days if absolutely necessary.

Where do you ship to?

We ship around the world by USPS First class and USPS Priority Mail.


Will you host my journal for me? I don’t want to worry about inventory…

Yes, we can host your journal, we will give you a private link to share with your clients, please email us to set it up.


If you have other questions, please feel free to reach out to us