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A workout journal should be simple, flexible and useful.

You should be able to easily set your goals, review your progress and record whatever data you want. Journals leverage the power of the written word, which has been proven again and again to be one of the most powerful methods of imprinting knowledge.

When you write something down, you are far more likely to retain and mentally review that information. This retention is massively important when you consider all the workouts you will complete on your fitness journey.

A journal should be crafted to help you set and then meet your goals


The goal is the foundation of your training progression. Whether it is to simply get into the gym everyday, qualify for the Boston Marathon, or lift 600lbs for 3 reps, the first and most important part of a goal is setting it. And the best way to set a goal is to write it down and look at it everyday.



There’s a lot of information out there about training, we’ve tried to curate it to the most important basics of mobility, nutrition and safety. We have more in depth guides but our standard journals only include the essentials to keep you focused on your training.

Workout Pages

The heart of a journal is it’s workout pages, the pages you fill with your sweat, blood and skin. We’ve designed multiple types to fit multiple roles and have given you the opportunity to choose the type which best fits your goals. You can find out more about our workout pages here


Benchmark Workouts and PR Tracking

Regardless of your sport, there are some workouts which will come up again and again. Whether it is a 4x800m run or Memorial Day Murph, we want you to have space to record and reflect on those workouts, because their repetition is the best way to gauge your fitness improvement.



We’ve compiled specialized tools to help you maximize your time in the gym or out on the road. From percentage charts for weightlifters to race planners for runners, our tools are designed to make your workouts more effective


Extra Pages

We believe our journals are pretty amazing, but there’s a couple extra options we wanted you to have the choice of. With our extra pages you can extend the life of your journal, making it last months longer



The pocket is a plastic insert attached to the front cover to hold loose papers and the odd items that come visit your journal throughout its life. Maybe it’s the email of your lifting partner or the nutrition plan your coach printed for you. Whatever it is, your journal’s pocket keeps it safe and handy

PR Divider

Your PR Divider is the difference between a quick flip and a super quick flip back to the section of your book where your benchmark workouts and PR tracking lives. We’ve taken a 100lb piece of heavy duty cardstock, inscribed it with inspiration and manually insert it into your journal to make your past workouts the easiest of easy to find

Nutrition Package

If one of your goals is to nail down your nutrition, whether for weight loss or performance gain, having quick access to these nutrition tables and information will help supercharge your progress. From recipes to Zone glossaries, this package is full of details essential to a nutrition-focused program

Movement Package

We created the movement package out of the innate knowledge that not everyone has perfect technique or always knows what the best cues and points of performance are for Strength and Conditioning movements. We’ve used pictorial and point by point descriptive language to help break down the sometimes frustratingly complex movements found in many fitness programs.