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You live for the send. Optimize your training by using our custom Rock Climbing Journal. This journal is specifically geared to help you record your goals, practice and progress. Customize your cover to make it just for you.

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Your Rock Climbing Journal

Your improvement starts with your mind. Not your shoe, not your chalk, not your app. Your mind.

We believe in the power of your Rock Climbing Journal to express and distill that mind. From the goal freshly inked onto a piece of paper to the circled PR written under a hard workout.

Why? Because by writing, your Rock Climbing Journal harnesses the power of your mind. It easily records successes, failures, goals and workouts. It is designed for those workouts. Your journal is beautiful, durable and made to help you get faster.

Your Rock Climbing Journal Workout Pages

We’ve designed the workout page of your Rock Climbing Journal to record the most important aspects of your workout. Practice and Problems reign supreme, but there’s also plenty of space to record any cross-training.

The workout page includes room for recording the important metrics like water, sleep and nutrition.

By recording your workouts over time you are creating a valuable trove of data. This allows you to look back and see what you have completed and where you can improve.

It allows you to choose the right workouts for the right days and address problems before they become injuries.

Stay consistent and know yourself by recording your workouts every day!

Goal and Training Planning

Your next event is coming, or maybe you’re just preparing for the fall season. Either way, let’s get your head straight.

Without a training plan, you’re kind of hoping that everything goes well. That’s why we include a worksheet to help you get where you want to be.

With your Rock Climbing Journal training plan, you can train smartly towards your goals. When you don’t hit the numbers you need, you’ve got a plan to help revise your expectations.

However, when you blow past where your training numbers you should start considering which stars to shoot for.

Simply by writing your goals down, you increase the chance you will achieve those goals by over 40!!

Nutrition in Your Rock Climbing Journal

Good nutrition is the foundation of athletic performance, weight loss and health.

We’ve included a nutrition worksheet in your Rock Climbing Journal so you can come up with the best list of foods for you

By fueling yourself properly you will have more energy, be able to work longer, and focus harder.

Mobility for Climbers

Mobility is the act of stretching effectively for exercise. Mobility is unbelievably important to keeping yourself healthy as you train your muscles to work harder.

When something starts hurting or aching, lots of times it’s because your muscles have tightened up. That’s why we’ve included a mobility chart in your Rock Climbing Journal to help you identify and solve aches and pains.

Being proactive about mobility is vital to training safely and staying away from injury.

Progress – Personal Record Tables

While it’s important to record your workouts daily, it’s also important to record those moments when hit a new personal record!

By recording these PR’s in your Rock Climbing Journal you create a portfolio of your best performances which you can learn from. Then, by using our PR tracking tables you can go back to the specific date where you performed it.

Using that date, you can mine for clues and data from that week to help you get even more personal records.

It’s beyond important to record your best times and keep them in one spot so you can see your progression at a glance 

Your Rock Climbing Journal Cover

Your cover of your Rock Climbing Journal should be beautiful. It should last, and it should represent you.

The Rock Climbing Journal cover is made of a highly durable synthetic paper. This allows us to print incredibly vivid and distinct designs based on your own artwork or ours.

We want your cover to represent you, your aesthetic, your aspirations and your dreams.

If there’s anything you want to change about your cover let us know in the order notes. We’ll do our best to make it the best, most perfect cover you can imagine.


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