Workout Journals – The Benefits of Journaling

Journal Menu’s workout journals allow you to track your progress with useful metrics. If you are a CrossFit athlete, runner or something else, we have a system to record your essential information. Our workout journals are sturdy, versatile and durable. That means you won’t worry about how it handles your gym bag.

Why are workout journals important?

Workout journals are important because they accelerate your learning. They help you troubleshoot a new workout routine. They can remember your coaches tips and remind you of new language.

workout journals benefitsWorkout journals help you learn movements and terminology.

(alt tag:Workout journals help you learn movements and terminology.)

With your workout journal you can help guide your own fitness journey. It gives you a broad picture of your progress. Different coaches, injury, rest, and over training can impede your goals. By writing your workouts down in a workout journal you will see how they affect your goals. The best part, is you can do it in a glance.

Workout journals help coaches.

Your workout journal isn’t only helpful to you. Coaches can use your entries to determine how you are improving. What weightlifting program have you responded to the best? What types of cardio are your weakness? The ability to sit down with your coach and your workout journal is an essential tool to pinpointing training problems.

Tracking your progress over time.

One awesome aspect of your workout journal is the ability to look back. Online apps and websites can crunch numbers. However, they don’t always follow you from gym to gym. They might not be around with your data in 5 years. Your fitness journal will be. You will be able to look back at your numbers and notes well into the future.

Let’s summarize: Benefits of your workout journal

  • Learn new terminology faster.
  • Remember your coaches movement tips and cues.
  • Know your weights and times.
  • Troubleshoot areas that are not progressing.
  • Track your progress over time.

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