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Hand-Made, Personalized Journals

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How Powerful is the Act of Writing?

  • Clarity

    Laying down your ideas allows your brain to develop and learn from them

  • 42% More Goals

    When you regularly write your goals you are 42% more likely to acheive them

  • Imagine Action

    Writing combines your right hemisphere imagination with left hemisphere logic

  • Your History

    Recording your history allows you to leverage it in order to mold your future

  • Distraction-Free

    Your journal does not buzz or ring, your journal simply listens

  • Durable and Permanent

    Your journal does not die or break, its recordings will last, and always be easy to access

The Feeling of Success

The checking off of a goal, the circling of a PR, the sense of accomplishment when you've made a plan and stuck to it. Your journal, your words, your writing... they capture and reward the story of your journey.

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There are three big reasons why your journal will rock...

1. Because it's custom, printed on demand, one-of-a-kind, built to last, with a cover we hope you will personalize to your heart's content.

2. Because it's made with love, seriously, we love these journals, we love our customers and we want each and every journal to be your perfect fitness companion.

3. Most important, because journaling works better than anything else, it keeps you on track, it lets you learn from your past and it helps you plan for your future.

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