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Create a Custom Workout Journal

Customize a workout journal to
perfectly fit your goals, activities and lifestyle.


There are three big reasons why your journal will rock...

1. Because it's custom, printed on demand, one-of-a-kind, built to last, with a cover we hope you will personalize to your heart's content.

2. Because it's made with love, seriously, we love these journals, we love our customers and we want each and every journal to be the perfect fitness companion.

3. Most important, because journaling works better than anything else, it keeps you on track, it lets you learn from your past and it helps you plan for your future.

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  • Your Journey. Your Journal. We want you to customize the cover, the contents, the binding, everything, because we want this journal to be perfect for you!
  • The key to strength gain is progression. Use our pages to know your PRs, know your lift history, know your technique... use our pages to know yourself!
  • When the big day rolls in, know what your body has done and can do. Know your weaknesses and your strengths, and make your plans based on real information.
  • Write down your previous workouts so you can review your progress, set goals and correct course. Use our pages to plan your success!
  • Nutrition, Sleep, Rest, Mobility... the invisible foundations of your fitness. Track them and dial them in so you can push when you need to, and take a break before you have to.

"I Love These Journals!"

"I would never remember my workouts if I didn't have my awesomely personalized workout journal, made by the awesome @journalmenu peeps! If you're looking for a workout journal, the search is over, they are affordable, and a dream to work with!"

- Lindsey Yoshida, Double Edge Fitness

Tools For Your Fitness

These journals are organized to make your life easier. With tools for almost any conceivable action, they become an indespensible tool for keeping track of your progress.

Tools provide focus for Goals, PRs, Lifts, Milestones, Nutrition, Functional Fitness, Benchmarks, Mobility, Warmups, Poses, and much much more...

I love my journal, and the fact that I was able to customize every piece of it was the best part! I won't use any other journal to track my progress. Thank you!

A Journal Created For You

Your journal should be unique to you. Its your thoughts, your workouts, your ideas that are going into there. It should fit YOU.

We specialize in that customization, making sure you end up with the journal that will fit you best.

Our goal is to get you the right journal for you. Period.

This journal is awesome! Everything in one place and easy to keep track with ton of extras and well put together! Everyone needs one of theses ASAP!

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