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Mix and match your way to Journal Perfection

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My wife and I each ordered a fitness journal and so far, we absolutely love them. Quality work! - Logan C

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You can Personalize your workout journal cover easily, changing the text, color, background and artwork with just a few clicks

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Create the Fitness Journal to inspire your training aspirations. When you are motivated to workout, you are destined to succeed!


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"Better than any fitness journal I've ever had, everything you could want and much more. I love this journal and once it is full I will get the next one from Journal Menu, very quick, and very helpful."


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What you look at matters, and a cover made just for you can inspire you to perform better.

Our covers can be personalized and tweaked and massaged to make them oh so perfect for your workout journey.

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Personalized covers on a variety of fitness and workout journals created by Journal Menu. Journal Menu creates personlaized and branded fitness journals for CrossFit athletes, runners, weightliters, triathletes, cyclists, yoga enthusiasts, and more.

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We've created customized pages for your sport.

This means a weightlifter has a workout page to log sets, reps and accessory movements, a CrossFitter gets to record those WODs and a runner can track their miles.

We want your journal pages to fit you!

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Boot Camp | Triathlon | Yoga | Plain Notebook | Custom

Weightlifting workout journal has a goals page to track your progress

Pages customized for your sport – Click on a thumbnail to preview

Add this deadlift tutorial and diagram page to your workout journal in order to keep it on hand for every workoutThe running pacing charts help you figure out splits you need to hit in order to reach your desired finish times at various distancesThe Yoga Journal Pose Library gives you the positions of all the major poses. This is perfect if you're looking for ideas on what to try.

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While using a journal inherently makes you awesome, your technique and experience level may vary. 

That's why we've created different levels of content for each sport.

This means you get the information and tools you actually want in your journal, while skipping the rest.

Or you can just get workout pages, up to you


workout pages

to help you thrive

You need a training log page that helps you thrive. That helps you answer the questions that will make you more effective.  

That's why we've created specialized workout pages to make sure your training journal fits YOUR needs. 

We've got different versions so you can pick the amount of writing space that you need.

5 workout page setups for each journal type, pick the one that works for you – Click on a thumbnail to preview

Individual workout journals help one CrossFit athlete stick to the CrossFit Invictus Competitors program. Her WOD journal tracks workouts, PRs, goals, and more

Sarah C - 3rd Journal

I'm currently following Crossfit Invictus Competitors program and my WOD journals allow me to record everything on a daily basis. I really enjoy the percentage chart located in the back of my journal. It allows me to quickly look up my weightlifting percentages without using my phone for a calculator. It was pretty cool that I was able to design my own cover with pictures from my phone. In addition, customer service was outstanding! 

This FITNESS Journal will make you Better

It is the ultimate tool for keeping track of your workouts, records and data.

Study your history with the flip of a page, record your workouts with the jot of a pen. 

Reach your goals and improve your performance by knowing your performance.