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Writing your goals down makes your 42% more likely to complete them. Give yourself the edge!

My wife and I ordered ours and so far, we absolutely love them. Quality work! - Logan C

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Create the perfect journal to help your clients record their PRs, know their workouts, and rock your brand!


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"Better than any workout journal I've ever had, everything you could want and much more. I love this journal and once it is full I will get the next one from Journal Menu, very quick, and very helpful."

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Personalized covers on a variety of fitness and workout journals created by Journal Menu. Journal Menu creates personlaized and branded fitness journals for CrossFit athletes, runners, weightliters, triathletes, cyclists, yoga enthusiasts, and more.

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Tutorial for how to Change the Artwork of a Journal  Tutorial for how to select and modify the background   Tutorial for how to upload custom images and logos to a journal   Tutorial for how to select and change a journal's clipart

The Perfect Daily Page

Build a Journal writing pages for fitness and weightlifting

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Weightlifting journal workout page 1x is perfect for writing lots lined notebook page for training logimage of rock climbing journal pageBoot camp journal with places for core and conditioningfitness journal 1 entry per page

enable your goals

Use our customized goals page to help you keep on track and review your progress.

Every journey begins with a goal, and every goal begins by writing it down. 

Our tailored goal pages will help you set and achieve your goals!

Weightlifting workout journal has a goals page to track your progress

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reflect on your Progress

When you are training smart your PRs will improve and you need to keep track of that.

Why? Because they are the highlights of your journey, when you push yourself farther or faster or heavier than you've ever done before. 

They are the pinnacles of your success and when you review them you can use them to become even better!


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Individual workout journals help one CrossFit athlete stick to the CrossFit Invictus Competitors program. Her WOD journal tracks workouts, PRs, goals, and more

Sarah C - 3rd Journal

I'm currently following Crossfit Invictus Competitors program and my WOD journals allow me to record everything on a daily basis. I really enjoy the percentage chart located in the back of my journal. It allows me to quickly look up my weightlifting percentages without using my phone for a calculator. It was pretty cool that I was able to design my own cover with pictures from my phone. In addition, customer service was outstanding! 


It is the ultimate tool for keeping track of your workouts, records and data.

Study your history with the flip of a page, record your workouts with the jot of a pen. 

Reach your goals and improve your performance by knowing your performance.