Yep, it’s just the two of us, literally a mom and pop shop. We like to think of ourselves as a two person dynamic duo in charge of design, production, marketing, philanthropy and all things customer service!

But you can call us Erica and Evan 🙂


Evan and his girls practicing the journal skills at Crater Lake

Evan Saint Clair
Owner: Affiliate Liaison and Production Manager

Evan really got into fitness after signing up for his first triathlon, the Louisville Ironman. After his questionable survival, he decided to apply his design and photography skills to a business oriented towards better fitness preparation and planning.


Erica Saint Clair
Owner: Customization Specialist and Blogger

Erica joined the team after finishing up her PhD in Physics. She was already an avid CrossFitter and decided that this business helping people improve themselves was better than measuring the photo-activation of squid cells.


Yes, we’re a small business. We like it that way, because it means you don’t have to cram your personality, your likes and dislikes, into a mass produced journal. Each journal is custom made by hand on Bainbridge Island, just outside of Seattle, WA. Your journal bears your unique art, and is designed for your sport. We want your journal to be a treasure chest of your goals and effort, and we will work with you every step of the way to achieve that – it’s what we’d want for ourselves, and its what we want for you!

fitness journal with thank you note and expedited shipping


Journal Menu was developed after trying to find a journal to fit the needs of a friend, and when we were unable to, we built our own. Our journals are specially designed to help you track the metrics that are most important to you, and most important to crushing your goals.


The Journal Menu Team has gone camping until August 26th. Orders will be fulfilled in the order received when we get back from the woods. Happy August! Dismiss