Custom Running Journal

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Run Yourself into a New Year. With customized run tracking pages, personal best tracking and super-sauce goal setting, you can hit the roads and trails harder and push yourself faster than ever before.

Make your fitness journal perfect. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Design your Cover
  2. Choose Your Workout Page
  3. Pick the other Content (Goals, PRs, Charts, etc.)

The journal is 150 pages long and will last anywhere from 4-18 months depending on what workout logging page and content you choose.

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    • Goals - Set a goal, achieve it, check it off, repeat. 
    • Essential Info - The right foods to eat and tips for helping that twinge
    • Workout Tracking - 1x = room to write, 3x = longer lasting journal
    • Workout Ideas/Benchmarks - Stay fresh and varied to push those muscles
    • Personal Record Tables - Flip to your PRs and Races in one spot

    Run Tracking Page Previews - click a link to preview each option

    Running Journal Table of Contents - Click a link to preview a page

    -->   1x --- 2x --- 3x --- 1x+food --- 2x+food

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The Custom Running Journal

  • Different Running Content for Different Experience Levels
  • Choose Your Run Tracking Page to match how much you write
  • Daily nutrition, energy, water and sleep tracking
  • One-of-a-kind Personalized Cover

Half-letter spiral bound | 8.5″ x 5.5″ inches | 150 pages, extendable to 225 | 120gsm Navigator paper

The custom running journal is the perfect way to create a beautiful cover and add it to a blank or lined journal. We print each custom running journal cover on-demand when we receive your order and if you’d like to see a copy of your cover beforehand we’re more than happy to set that up for you, just make sure to select “digital proof” as you’re selecting your options.

If you would like to change every part of your Running journal please use the Build-a-Journal.

The Cover

We use a thick, 300 gsm, polymer paper cover paper that is flexible, rip-proof and waterproof to protect your thoughts, workouts, ideas, recipes and inspirations while brilliantly displaying your art and color. You can choose whatever you want to go on your custom running journal and we will do our best to print it beautifully!

The Pages

We use a sustainably-sourced and low-waste process to prepare each page. We print on a 24/70 weight bright white, opaque sheet that you can’t see through, even if you’re writing hard (unless you’re using sharpies, no promises there). On each page of the custom running journal is an inspiring quote or idea by some of history’s greatest writers and philosophers, there to motivate you to break out of the box and think in new ways.


The custom running journal is spiral-bound by a thick, flexible black plastic binding that molds to your purse, gym bag and pops back to straight once it’s in your hand. The spiral allows you to lay your journal flat or display just the page you’d like when you’re crammed for space. No bending of the spine necessary.

Extra Pages

Each custom running journal comes with 150 pages but you have the option to add up to 75 extra pages to your custom running journal, allowing you to expand your journal entries by up to 50% at a small additional charge.

See-through Pocket

And if you’re like us, and absolutely have to write down ideas on whatever is nearby, we can add a see-through pocket to the custom running journal so you can keep track of that new gym schedule, important post-it note or your next brilliant napkin idea!

Goal Bookmark

Perhaps one of the coolest additions to your custom running journal is the goal bookmark, where you can write down your most meaningful goals, and keep them with you as you shift through the journal. We personally love this one! What a great way to keep your goals present!

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