The Handstand Pushup

Basic description of a the Handstand Push-up: While in a handstand, lower center of mass enough for forehead to touch ground or target and then return to original position

This is a gif animated image of an athlete performing a handstand push-up

Performing the Handstand Pushup

  1. Face the wall and place hands on the ground in a lunge position
  2. Kick up, keeping the arms locked, so both feet rest against the wall in an inverted position (upside down)
  3. Once in an handstand against the wall, tighten your mid-section, bring the feet together and point the toes
  4. Take a deep breath, tuck the chin and, with control, lower the top of the head to ground (pad the ground if control is difficult)
  5. To complete the movement, extend the arms (press) back to the starting position

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