The Kettlebell Swing

Basic Description of the kettlebell swing: Using hip drive and back extension to swing a kettlebell (handled weight) from ground to eye level or overhead

This is a gif animated image of an athlete performing a kettlebell swing

Performing the Kettlebell Swing

  • Feet are shoulder width apart
  • Weight in the heels
  • Closed grip on the kettlebell with straight arms
  • To get the kettlebell moving, push the hips back, slightly bend the knees, and allow the shoulders to come forward
  • Then aggressively extend the hips (squeeze the butt) and lock the knees – this will elevate the kettlebell
  • As the kettlebell starts to move weightlessly up through space, pull it higher until it is truly overhead (middle of the head or over the heels)
  • Demonstrate control by maintaining a tight mid-section
  • Then, allow gravity to pull the kettlebell down and swing back into the start position (DO NOT CONTROL IT DOWN)
  • At the bottom (set-up) initiate the movement straight away. There is NO pause at the bottom
  • Momentum from the hips is what elevates the load

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Kettlebell Swing journal page and movement descriptions

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