The L-Sit

Basic description of a the L-Sit: Supporting an elevated center of mass while lifting the feet until they are perpendicular to the torso

This is a gif animated image of an athlete performing a l-sit

The L Sit

  1. This can be performed on stationary parallettes, two boxes or a dynamic plane on a set of rings
  2. In a seated position, place the parallettes either side of the hips
  3. With a closed grip, straighten the arms, press down into the paralettes and elevate the legs from the ground
  4. Arms should be relatively close to the torso
  5. The knees should be higher than the hips with both legs straight
  6. Hold that position for the prescribed amount of time
  7. If any part of the body hits the floor, stop counting the seconds until you execute the L-Sit again

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