The Strict Press

Basic Description of the Strict Press: Moving a load from the shoulder to an overhead position

This is a gif animated image of an athlete performing a Strict Press

The Strict Press

  1. Feet are now underneath the hips (directly)
  2. Place the bar in the ‘front rack’ with elbows now only slight in front of the bar
  3. Wrap fingers and thumbs around the bar (close grip) and hands slightly outside the shoulders
  4. Keep a tight mid-section
  5. Pull the head slightly back and press the bar upwards (straight line/frontal plane)
  6. Once the bar passes the head, continue pressing and return the head to a neutral position
  7. Lock out the elbows fully and elevate the shoulders (active shoulders), while maintaining a tight mid-section
  8. At the top of the press, pull the bar over the heel of the foot and bring the head through
  9. Return the bar to the ‘front rack’ by keeping the elbows slightly in front at all times

Add this movement breakdown page to a fitness journal or training log

journal page displaying strict press technique

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