Split Jerk

Basic Description of the Split Jerk: Using the hips and knees to develop momentum and elevation on the barbell, followed by a drop in the center of mass (either by a change in foot position or quick squat) in order to take the bar from the shoulders to overhead

This is a gif animated image of an athlete performing a split jerk olympic weightlifting movement

Performing the Split Jerk

  1. Build on the ‘Push Press
  2. Set-Up and execution is the same as the ‘Push Press’
  3. As we begin to press the bar up, retreat the body down under the bar and lock out the arms (the “catch”) in a partial squat
  4. After the “catch,” stand up, reset the feet underneath the hips, then bring the bar down to the ‘rack’ position

Add this movement breakdown page to a fitness journal or training log
journal page displaying push and split jerk technique

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