The Medball Clean

Basic description of a the Medball Clean: Moving a weighted ball from ground to chest

This is a gif animated image of an athlete performing a medicine ball clean

Performing the Medicine Ball Clean

Moving a weighted ball from ground to chest

  1. Neutral spine
  2. Place the medicine ball between the ankles, weight in the heels
  3. Feet are just wide enough that the arms fall inside the legs and grab the med ball
  4. Arms are straight fingers point down with an open palm grip
  5. Hips higher than the knees but lower than shoulders
  6. Neutral head
  7. Stand up (deadlift)
  8. Keep the arms straight and shrug the shoulders aggressively
  9. Moving you hands around the ball, pull yourself into a front squat (now your fingers should be pointing to the ceiling), elbows under the ball with the crease of the hip below the knee, weight in the heel and neutral spine
  10. To finish, stand all the way up with the ball in the ‘front rack’
  11. Reset the ball to the set up

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journal page of medball technique and execution

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