The Power Clean

The clean involves moving a weight from the ground to a shoulder height standing position through a strong explosion of the hips and shrug.

This is a gif animated image of an athlete performing a squat clean olympic weightlifting movement

Performing the Squat Clean

  1. Similar to the Snatch
  2. Feet under the hips with weight in the heels
  3. Barbell against the shins (same as deadlift)
  4. Grip is narrower than the snatch (same as deadlift), overhand and ‘hooked’ (thumbs wrap around the bar and fingers over the top of the thumbs)
  5. Hips higher than knees, lower than shoulders
  6. Neutral spine
  7. Deadlift the bar from mid-shin to the hang position (mid thigh) where shoulders are still over the bar NOT behind
  8. Then JUMP aggressively allowing the elbows to naturally bend, staying higher than the barbell and keeping the bar as close to the body as possible
  9. At a moment of weightlessness, pull yourself into a front squat, receiving the bar on the shoulders with a loose fingertip grip.
  10. In order to achieve this, as the bar travels up the body, open the hands enabling the bar to roll into finger tips and quickly swing elbows under the bar
  11. Once in the front squat, stand up to finish the movement while the bar is racked on the shoulders, keeping elbows up
  12. Reset the bar to the set up

Add this movement breakdown page to a fitness journal or training log

Power Clean journal page with movement descriptions and technique

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