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​It's not about motivation.

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Motivation is just a bunch of words.

It's about choices and action.

What choices will you make today to take a few more steps towards your goal?

You can be the most motivated person in the world, you can read thousands of articles, you can plaster your wall with photos of your heroes. But without the action, you will have nothing.

You have to get out there and lift some weights, accrue the miles, and put in the time.

Expecting success from anything less is just a figment of your imagination. 

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Know when to quit

Know when to quit.Know when to back off of this course of action before it hurts you, breaks you, injures you.Know when to let yourself try again tomorrow.Because there will be times when a delay is better, when rest is needed, when your body requires more energy or technique or stamina to continue forward safely.So [...]

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In here I breathe fire

I'm not the same person outside these walls.In here I let go of the need to be judged, of the constant self-appraisal of worth.In here I move with confidence because I know what I'm doing makes me feel good, makes me stronger, makes me better.In here I judge myself and others based on their burning [...]

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You CAN do this

You realize you've been standing there for awhile now.Not quite staring at the weight, pacing back and forth, chalking up, looking at what other people are doing.Ignoring it will not get it done.Wishing it was lighter, or easier, or someone else's, will not get it done.Waiting will not get it done.It's time.Look inside yourself, acknowledge [...]

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Never Scale Your Dreams

Never scale your dreams.Never scale your perseverance.Never scale your attitude.You might not be strong enough yet, you might not have the mobility or the technique or the endurance to do everything you want, but that's ok.Keep showing up.Keep trying.Keep overcoming failure, no matter how many times it strikes.There may be limits to what you can [...]

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​Embrace the slow march of progress.

Because if you stick with it, you WILL get better,And it WILL take awhile...It’s time to wake up to that truth, to prepare yourself mentally for the fact that change doesn’t happen quickly.Disasters happen quickly, injuries happen quickly, but real positive, good for you change, that happens slowly.A slow, hard march.Past failure.Past tired.Past defeat.Yet, its [...]

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I'll never be able to do that...

"That's awesome, but It's too hard, I'll never be able to do that..."Why do I hear this so much?!?You're right, you won't, not like that. You'll never do a single thing worth doing. Especially if you don't start, especially if you don't try, most especially if you don't at least give the barest "I wonder [...]

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​It's ok to change course.

Life doesn't always go according to the pretty plan you dream about before going to bed.You don't always get up on time, or hit that PR you've been working towards, or walk away from the bar uninjured.Sometimes life throws an obstacle so big, so debillitating, you have no choice but to change course. There's nowhere [...]

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​Pig headed determination.

That is what you need to succeed.How many times have you seen a skill, or lift, or WOD that you absolutely knew was necessary and absolutely knew was a big pit of pain - and then backed off.Maybe you backed off just a little, maybe you made some excuse about a late meeting the night [...]

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We all have them, we think about them, talk about them, read about them...Then we fail to write them down. Somehow, despite all of chatting, we forget to write out a plan. As if just uttering the goal would make it come to fruition in 3-6 months.Of course, in 3-6 months when no goals [...]

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