I Need It

I need it.

I need the blaring music, the dropping weights, the callused hands.

I am desperate for the the heavy legs, the sore arms and the burning lungs.

I crave the shouts and cheers, the pats on the back, the weekend get-togethers.

I look forward to the coaches yelling at me to keep my knees out, to get back on the bar, to push through the artificial barriers.

I love it. All of it. The good, the bad, the ugly.

I love it because I know how much stronger and faster I am today.

I know how many new goals I have happily crossed off my list – the act of which is so empowering and so intoxicating, so necessary to my health.

Working out is my ultimate stimulant – it gets me out of bed before dawn everyday, it keeps me going, it connects me to my family and friends.

I need my workout.