Its Ok to Not Have Pullups

It’s OK to not have pullups.

Yes, even if you’ve been there for five years.

It’s OK to still be working on double unders, or pushups from your toes, or muscle ups, or rope climbs, or any other skill.

In fact, it’s pretty great to be in the ‘working on’ camp. Why? Because it means you are still trying, that you haven’t given up and thrown in the towel.

It means that you haven’t gotten discouraged just because you can’t do it all today, or tomorrow, or maybe even next year.

To scale is OK. Let me repeat that for you. It is OK to scale – heck, I even recommend it.

As long as you are going towards your own, personal goals, I don’t care what scaled movement you are doing, I am just happy that you are in there working on it.


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