Use People.

Not in the relationship sense, but in the workout sense.

Use them. Use them to hell and back.

Use them to be your pace setter, use them to push you harder, to lift heavier, and to learn from.

I’m not saying to compare yourself to them. At the end of the day it is still you vs you.

But in the middle, when you are hurting? When you are seeing stars and on the verge of giving up? Hell yes. Use them to nudge you forward, to get you through and to help you grow.

That’s what the community is about after all; helping each other through the pain.

Get pumped.

crush fitness goals with a workout journal

Because you are doing it. No. You are crushing it.

You are going somewhere. You’re making it happen for yourself. You’re hustling, you’re learning, and you’re refusing to give up.

Things are going to happen for you.

I know it. You know it. Your coach knows it, and it’s flippin awesome.

This, my friend, this right here, these are the glory days. The days when you indiscriminately pulverize PR after PR. The days when you feel great after a killer WOD. The days when you stand tall accomplishing far beyond your dreams.

And you know what made it happen? Two things. You and a boatload of hard work. So good job.

So get pumped, get back in there and keep on doing your thing.