A Good Coach

A good coach.

A good coach knows how to push you, while keeping you safe.

A good coach knows the ins and outs of barbell movements, they know the right cues and how to put you in the right positions.

A good coach knows the value of programming and the value of constantly varied.

A great coach is the one who inspires you to actually show up every day, grind through the muck, do it right and leave a soggy, sore, happy mess.

A great coach is rare. They are the ones cheering you through the run, and motivating you to come back after failure.

They are the ones who find you when you’re MIA, who know your injuries and push you to respect yourself each and every day.

Everyone deserves a good coach.

Everyone needs a great coach.

Samantha S.
Verified ownerVerified owner

They look fantastic! I’m a personal trainer starting my own business and they’re exactly what I wanted!

2 weeks ago
Michelle Ridlon
Verified ownerVerified owner

Thank you! These journals are awesome! I am very much a paper/pen person in a world full of technology and fancy apps. I still prefer writing down my goals, my strength routine, PRs, 1RPM and tracking my nutrition by paper and pen and these journals have everything I need to keep track of all that information. When I am programming a new 6 week routine, I often look back at previous journals to see where I left off in my lifts (weight wise) and what my nutrition looked like in bulk, maintenance and deficit to help determine what I want to do next. Thank you for a great product, excellent communication, fast shipping and ease of ordering! I will continue to order these in the future!

1 month ago
Charlie B.
Verified ownerVerified owner

So happy with the journals. Our athletes love the quotes and PR pages!!

2 months ago