A Good Coach

A good coach.

A good coach knows how to push you, while keeping you safe.

A good coach knows the ins and outs of barbell movements, they know the right cues and how to put you in the right positions.

A good coach knows the value of programming and the value of constantly varied.

A great coach is the one who inspires you to actually show up every day, grind through the muck, do it right and leave a soggy, sore, happy mess.

A great coach is rare. They are the ones cheering you through the run, and motivating you to come back after failure.

They are the ones who find you when you’re MIA, who know your injuries and push you to respect yourself each and every day.

Everyone deserves a good coach.

Everyone needs a great coach.

Christopher M.
verified ownerverified owner

My clients love their journal!

6 days ago
Dan H.
verified ownerverified owner

High quality. Will buy another when mine runs out.

3 weeks ago
John A.
verified ownerverified owner

I’m so glad I ordered this journal! The page layout has everything I need. It helps me remember to warmup properly and consider what I’m bringing mentally and physically to every session. The pages are thick enough not to let my felt pen bleed through. While the custom cover isn’t super thick it is durable and the benefit of the spiral binding is I can lay it flat and set it on the mats for easy access even when I have claw hands from climbing.

4 weeks ago