Step up to the challenge

Sometimes we get stuck in the rut of just going through the motions and assuming we are in a particular scaling set.

If we never try and jump out of it, we will never improve. Yes, that means jumping out of your comfort zone.

It means choosing a weight you might fail at. It means starting the workout with double unders, even if they are slower than singles. It means attempting pushups from your toes until failure.

Acknowledge you can do more, and chase after your potential. It won’t be easy. Nor will it be fun. But the payoff is huge. The payoff is Rx’ing someday, or qualifying for a competition, or more.

None of that happens if you always choose the same weight, the same mods, the same scale. So make a pledge to yourself and choose to step up to a new challenge.

Sure, you might fail… OK, you will likely fail. But fail enough times and one day you will succeed.

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