Your Mental Barrier is YOU

Get out of your way.

Think of all the mental barriers you put on yourself. How heavy you can lift, what kind of scale you can do for the workout, how fast you can run?

Often you pre-decide this. You tell yourself your PR is 100lbs, so you never load up more than that. You tell yourself you can’t do pushups, so you just go to your knees off the bat. You know you have a comfortable 8 min pace so why push it?

But you are the one stopping yourself. Just imagine what you would find out if you tried to do pushups on a box before going to your knees? How many could you do? Could you finish the workout like that?

How heavy could you lift if you just got out of your own way and ignored your old PR? What if you just let yourself lift and then added up the numbers?

How fast would you run if you just pushed it? If you ignored the idea of a pace and went all out, not worried about how long it would take you? Not worried about if you would burn out or not?

How much would you achieve if you just took a step to the side? If you got out of your own way? If you stopped holding yourself back due to your own thoughts about what your limitations should be?

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