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Last time we talked about making flyer handouts, but sometimes you have a bit more information that you want to convey, and need to create a tri-fold brochure. This week we’re going to talk about how to create brochures you can bring to competitions, local events and throwdowns to bring more clients in.

It’s all about the cover

What makes you pick up certain brochures and leave others behind? It’s not about what is inside, but what is on the outside. You need a strong message to draw your potential clients to pick up the brochure. Not only that, you need to entice them to open the brochure up after.

Edit, edit, edit. Yet again, just as when we were talking about flyers, less is more. Really. Keep it to a strong image, your logo and your affiliates colors.

Break it up

Decide what you want to convey – is it the coaching at your gym? The types of classes that you have? Your credentials? Your outside activities? Your class schedule and membership levels?

You have three panels to work with, but don’t get overly excited. Each panel should only have one point to it.

Then back up what you are selling graphically – use strong images of athletes in your gym, before and after photos or your staff.

Block the photos and text so that everything is in short, easy to read sections. Each section should have a headline in larger font, so anyone skimming can easily see what you are providing.

The right photos
Pictures are worth a thousand words, a thousand words that can be communicated in the blink of an eye. Photos can make or break your brochure. Choose strong, clean, clear photos.

Make sure the editing on the photos is the same through out, so go all in for black and white, sepia or color photos.

Contact info
Once all is said and done, it can be easy to forget the most important part – your contact info. Make sure you have multiple ways to be reached: email, phone, social media and  your website.

Want more in depth ideas on maximizing your brochure? Check out this Newbie Guide!


  • Using block wrap around text is a great way to entice a perspective client to open it all the way up.
  • Use color blocking of your affiliates colors to draw the reader across the brochure.
  • Stay consistent with your theme, but balance is still key. The busy and bright colors as well as the curly boxes are balanced out by strong, simple text.

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