Amazing Boot Camp Journal, Training Log and Fitness Journal

We had some super amazing journals get created this week and I thought I’d share a couple of them.

This Build-a-Journal literally took forever for Cat to make and for me to remake in Photoshop, but we got it there and it turned out fabulous!green, purple and neon custom fitness journal cover with kettlebell clipart and marcus aurelius quote

We had to tweak this CrossFit Bootyshorts Build-a-Journal cover just a little to make all the images fit but once we did it was all good!black and white chevron cover for crossfit booty shorts

We’ve done a ton of fundamentals books for CrossFit Impulse, but they wanted to do a journal this time so we came up with a Progress Journal for them

black and orange crossfit impulse custom progress wod journal cover

This is our standard Girls Who Lift wod journal with the rainbow background, an essential for any lifter’s gym bag

girls who lift wod journal cover with rainbow background on barbell

“Trust in the process,” what a great idea, that if you stick with the program, you will get better, and more importantly, you’ll gain a much more comprehensive idea of where you’re at. With this custom weightlifting journal we can help keep track of your progression

pink, purple and black custom weightlifting cover with weight fractionals on the ground background

This Custom WOD journal was super simple but gets the point across and is a great way to use the custom text ability of our cover designer to personalize a pretty standard journal

red and black custom wod journal cover with personalized notebook text

The American Barbell journal is one of our most popular products, because who doesn’t love a little patriotic barbellsamerican barbell wod journal cover

The Kettlebell Cracks journal is another of our standard journals and is a great template for adding your workouts and gym philosophy to.

kettlebell cracks workout journal cover

This Custom Boot Camp journal turned out awesome and I love the choice of pink and purple to accent the brick background. Not to mention the custom inspiration, can’t go wrong with that!

pink and purple custom boot camp journal cover with fitness inspiration wake up workout out look hot kick ass

Cat had a special request, could we try to emulate a Build-a-Journal she found on Jennifer Hurdy’s Wine to Weightlifting blog. While I couldn’t get it perfect, it wasn’t too bad and I’m stoked that she loves it.

blue pink and purple custom training log cover with clipart and fitness inspiration

This Custom Running Journal that we made was pretty unique and I learned something about our own cover designer, who would have guessed. Love the quote too, might have to make that into one of our standard inspirations.

Black Open Road custom running journal cover

There’s something so simple about the quote on this custom boot camp journal, I love it every time I see it. And the colors on this journal, like whoa! Pizazzz!

Blue and Green Custom Boot Camp Journal Cover

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