No Rep Yourself

Every day and every time you know it was a bad rep.

Every time the wall ball doesn’t hit the target or the barbell doesn’t hit the floor. No rep yourself every time your pushups are wormy and your chin doesn’t get over the bar.

We shouldn’t be waiting until the Open and judges to be doing this. If you know it was ugly and shouldn’t count, then don’t count it. Period.

Hold yourself to a higher standard. It is, after all, *your* goals on the line. Those little cheats here and there don’t hurt anyone but you.

Those little sneaks to make a movement easier? Guess what? Yeah, it hurts you. It prevents you from strengthening the muscles that need the work, and sets you up for injury.

Want to stay safe, healthy and crush some goals at the same time? Then do it right, and when you don’t, no rep yourself.

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