Listen to your body


Do you hear that? The sound of your body talking to you?

Pay attention.

If it is telling you to push harder, then suck it up, clear your mind and start kicking your ass.

If it is telling you that the weight or the scale you are picking out is too easy for you, then take a step back, reassess – are you giving yourself excuses to make the WOD easier? Are you cherry picking even though you showed up?

But it goes both ways. If it is telling you that the weight on the bar is not the best idea, then strip it down some.

If it whispers that your shoulder or your back is aching, don’t ignore it and let the whispers go to the wind. It’s not worth it. It may feel like it is worth it today, in the moment, but tomorrow when you can’t WOD for a week you will kick yourself.

Listen to it, the faint cries of your body talking to you. It is not a voice just to stamp out so you can power through the WOD and get a new PR.

That voice will protect you, it will prevent injury, it will push you. That voice will help you overcome obstacles lying on the path to your goals. It will help you take one step at a time every day, consistently.

But only if you take the time to listen to it.

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