Effort is what matters

Effort is what matters.

It doesn’t matter if you walk into the gym and are the smallest or the largest person there.

It doesn’t matter if you are the weakest, or the slowest.

All of that can change. You can slim down, tone up, get stronger and WOD faster.

That stuff just takes time, dedication and…most importantly, effort.

Time and dedication are easy. You just pencil it into your life, you just show up.

Effort is hard – effort is the part that really matters.

Effort when you don’t want to get dressed for the gym. Effort when you don’t want to warm up. Effort when you just want to sit on the bench and stare at the bar.

Effort when your coach yells 3-2-1.

We work on the assumption that all of the changes we desire will happen, all of our goals will slowly come into reach – that time and patience is all we need.

But that assumption is flawed.

It only works if you put in the effort.

Showing up is not enough. Hitting it 3, 4, 5 days a week isn’t enough. Having the new latest and greatest equipment isn’t enough. Hell, finding the best coaches isn’t enough.

None of that can replace effort.

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