It will be worth it

It will be worth it.

In the end, when you finally reach your destination, just before you pick a new place to go, when everything comes together, when you hit your goals be it qualifying for regionals, making it to the elite level or just having the strength to do a single push up – it will be worth it.

That is, of course different from being fast. It won’t happen overnight. It won’t be handed to you.

It will take dedication to showing up day in and day out, rain, sleet or shine.

It will take sacrificing time with the TV, and giving up delicious things like cupcakes.

It will require the will power to keep pushing even when you are desperate to stop, times when you must crawl through the WOD just to finish it. But that’s OK.

No one said you had to run through this journey, crawling is perfectly acceptable.

It won’t be easy. It won’t be pretty. Many times it won’t be fun. But everyday that you wake up a step closer to your goals is a victory.

Remember that. It will be worth it.

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