Listen to Failure

It is trying to tell you something. Maybe it’s telling you that your knees are caving in, or that your back is arching. Maybe it is telling you that you need to push yourself harder. Maybe it is telling you that you had one too many slices of pie last night, I don’t know. But it IS telling you something.

To just ignore it, to just brush it off and not really look at it or listen to it? That is a mistake.

Failure is a better teacher than success. Failure is the coach that is shouting at you all the time to be better. It is the coach that will lead you to success. It is the coach that will tell you like it is, the one that will say your form horrid, or that you need to stay and work after.

Failure is the coach you really want to hire.

Success is the coach standing at the finish line waiting for you. Sometimes it might be wondering where you are, but it isn’t leaving the cozy confines of the finish line to come cheer you on.

Yet failure gets a bad rap. Failure whispers a few words in your ear and half the time you go and quit it all together. You blame it on failure. You tell the world you tried, but you just couldn’t do it. You tell them, you failed.

When in reality, you just didn’t want to hear what failure had to say. In reality you wanted to show up and mosey on over to the finish line for your pat on the back from success, and you were pissed when failure swooped in to tell you otherwise.

Failure is one of your greatest assets. Hold on to it, learn from it, let it lead you to success.

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