Get Phit Studio 2.0 Challenge Journal

Kathy from Get Phit Studio 2.0 reached out to me to see if it was possible create a journal to allow their members to track their progress according to their own goals.

They wanted a journal more focused on food and a daily agenda than on a workout program. In order to accomplish that, we chatted on the phone to figure out exactly what to do.

At the Get Phit Studio 2.0, Kathy and Shawn focus on a holistic approach to Fitness and Nutrition. The first thing they aim to change is the mindset of every member coming in the front door. They want them to accept the challenge of their transformation in order to reap the rewards of their efforts.

Get Phit Studio daily spread

The Get Phit Studio 2.0 challenge journal borrows from some of our information pages but we redesigned the daily page to match the goals Kathy and Shawn have for their Get Phit athletes.

The Get Phit Studio daily page contains a large section for tracking their meals with a couple pointed questions to ensure they meal prepped for the day. Below the nutrition tracking section is a workout section with the courses offered at the Get Phit Studio. They check off what course they attended and take notes on what went well for the day.

On the opposing page lies a daily agenda allowing Get Phit athletes to keep track of their day and open layout. To help their athletes stay focused we included questions directed at their well-being and good habits.

Get Phit Studio Challenge Journal Front and Back Cover

Get phit studio consultation pages

Another nice aspect of the Get Phit Studio Journal are the consultation and agenda pages allowing the coaches to check in with their athletes to see their progress. There is space to record their official Weigh-Ins and get guidance towards reaching their goals.

Get Phit Studio cover

The Get Phit Studio cover concept was pretty easy to think of but hard to implement. I took their black and blue and gray colors and put it on our sage background but the logo came through poorly. With a little help from my design software we pulled out the necessary elements and in the end, the cover came out quite nicely. Kathy and Shawn are both eager to have it represent Get Phit Studio.

If you are in the Burlington, North Carolina area, definitely check out their awesome classes and personable coaches.

Get Phit Studio 2.0
3665 Alamance Rd
Burlington, NC 27215

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