You don’t need anything else to make yourself better.

“I need to get those new shoes so I can run faster…” “I need to get that new rope because it spins really fast…” “I need that special bar, I heard it helps you lift more…”

Nope, you don’t.

You don’t need anything else to make yourself better.

Your heart is beating, your mind is working, the only thing you need is the will to improve and the most basic tools of your sport.

There are way too many people using the ‘gear crutch’ to hold off on the most important aspects of training, perseverance and effort.

If you get in there and stick it out, you will improve.

If you show up and work hard, you will improve.

If you bring that functional body of yours and apply that able mind, you will improve.

Your shoes just need to be good enough, your barbell just needs to hold the weight, your jump rope just needs to spin.

Beyond the essentials, you don’t need it.

Those little extras are nice, but they’re not the main show.

The main show is you giving yourself the time, ignoring the excuses and getting down to work.

The main show is you believing in yourself and focusing on your improvement with what you have.

The main show is creating goals based on where you are, and putting in the effort to get to where you want to be.

You don’t need anything special.

You’ve already got everything you need.

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