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Get your members excited

Whether you have a bunch of beginners or a bunch of firebreathers or a blend of the two, all of your members can gain something from competing – be it learning higher level skills, gaining the confidence to do more WODs Rx’d or just as motivation to show up every day.

We’ve talked about preparing your athletes for competition for the last few weeks, now its time to get them fired up an excited to compete.

Compete in the CrossFit Open

One of the easiest and best ways to get your members excited is to strongly encourage everyone, no matter their skill level, their strength capabilities or their speed on WOD sign up for the CrossFit Open. This can create a positive community atmosphere where everyone is cheering each other on, people can clearly define their goals and you can have a great time!

Saturday Throwdown

You can even make it so every Saturday you have an Open Throwdown, everyone comes throughout the day, does their WOD in a certified environment and people can get to know each other. Toss in a BBQ, some beers and a few lawn chairs and you’ve got yourself a Saturday event that no one will want to pass up. Fostering community and enhancing athletic abilities all at once – and you don’t even have to program it!

Prepare Your Athletes

A great way to prepare for the CrossFit Open, that many affiliates choose to do, is to do all of the previous years Open WODs a month or two before the real Open comes around. It’s a great way to get members acclimated to the idea of competing, what types of skills it takes, how much strength it takes and what sorts of rep schemes to expect.

Getting your members excited can really drive their desire to show up everyday, and if everyone signs up for the Open, you have a great chance of getting a team to Regionals!

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