Intensity is great. Smart intensity is better.

There’s nothing wrong with gaming a workout, there’s nothing wrong with NOT going all out, all the time.

Gaming a workout means you’re smart.

It acknowledges you will be going hard enough to get tired.

It acknowledges it is better to make critical decisions before the workout begins.

It acknowledges your brain will jump off a cliff once the workout begins, leaving you with muscle memory and loud yells from your peers.

A good gaming session leads to smart, hard questions.

When will you rest? What movements are your strengths and weaknesses? What will you do if your grip fades? How will you get yourself going again?

What will you do when everything goes wrong…?

You come up with good answers when you’re calm and rested. Good answers are hard to find when your heart is racing at 175 beats per minute and there is a timer measuring you.

And it takes longer to find them.

Those smart questions let you push yourself harder because you already have your answers.

You’re not distracted.

You’re not trying to figure things out.

You’ve gamed this workout, and you know what to do.

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