You are a badass

You wake up every day and crush it. Even on the days when your arms don’t go straight because of soreness.

You show up everyday and push regardless of failure. You don’t care if you have to bail on the lift, or scale down, or modify this one for future gains. You only care about how you will feel if you don’t give it a shot, if you don’t lay it on the line. You recognize that failing to try is a bigger defeat than failing to finish.

You know that the hard work comes before the goals, and you recognize that what goes on between those two fabulous ears of yours can easily be more important than what goes on between the barbell and your hands. You make no excuses. You refuse to utter ‘I can’t’, ‘I never’, ‘I suck at’, ‘I wish’. You are ready. Ready to focus on the work at hand. Ready to get out of your routine and put yourself on the line. Ready to love yourself for everything you can, and can’t yet do.

Sure, there is some frustration and heartbreak that lies ahead. But there are also some serious PRs ready and waiting. Life goals sitting just on the edge of reason taunting you.

You are a badass.

Own it. Work with it. Be unafraid.
weightlifting girl at strongman competition

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