WallballThe Wallball Moving a weighted ball from chest to a predetermined height on a wall, catching in a squat in[…]Read More Wall ClimbThe Wall Climb Moving the center of mass from a prone plank to a handstand against a wall Start laying[…]Read More Toes to BarToes to Bar From a hanging position, elevate the feet to touch the surface being hung from. Hang (with active[…]Read More ThrusterThe Thruster Moving a load from a front squat to overhead Stand with the barbell in the rack position, the[…]Read More Split JerkThe Split Jerk Using the hips and knees to develop momentum and elevation on the barbell, followed by a drop[…]Read More Strict PressThe Strict Press Moving a load from the shoulder to an overhead position Feet are now underneath the hips (directly)[…]Read More