Custom Cycling Journal for Peloton Road Riders

We recently created a custom cycling journal for the Peloton Road Riders group. They needed a custom cycling journal that focused on their Functional Threshold Power tests (FTP tests) and recorded their recovery rides and training.

What is a Functional Threshold Power test?

Basically a functional threshold power test is a 20 minute fitness assessment that helps you calculate your power zones. Knowing your power zones allows you to find the proper training level for the stage of your training cycle. If you’re guessing what it is, then you are likely going to aim too low on the days when you should be going hard, and push yourself too hard on your rest days. Your cycling power zones really allow you to dial in your training plan.

How did we incorporate the FTP tests into this custom cycling journal?

This was actually a pretty straightforward journal, although a couple of the pages are new. With feedback from our clients we created a special description and testing page. This is important because it ensures all of the members of the club are working from the same information and with the same guidelines. Not only that, but we set up their page to list out their various test results and notes on the same spread, allowing their athletes to view and compare their progress. When combined with a detailed daily diary, the Road Riders Peloton custom cycling journal will give athletes a nuanced and in depth analysis of their cycling progression.

The SMART Goals

We also incorporated SMART goals and a regular goal sheet into this custom cycling journal. The SMART goals are an effective method of really dialing in the necessary steps and thought processes needed to complete your most important goals. We break down the SMART goals like this:

Specific – Are they Specific? How easy to understand are they? Are your goals easy to understand with specific future results?
Measurable –  Are they Measurable? How will you know when the goal is completed and how will you show others? How will it be measured?
Achievable – Do you have the necessary tools and equipment to accomplish your goals? Is it within your power?
Relevant – Is the goal in line with your vision for your training and lifestyle pursuits? How does it relate to your broader goals?
Timely – What is the beginning and ending date? What interim steps will you use to gauge your small successes?

Along with our blank goal sheet, this set of tools should give them plenty of thought space to really plan our their next year’s worth of accomplishments.

The custom cycling journal workout page

Finally, we created a custom workout page for the Road Riders. Based off our standard lined 2x page, we modified a couple of the metrics to ensure their training efforts were focused and useful.

Email if you’re interested in creating your own custom cycling journal or check out the standard workout journals we have in stock.

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