Bean Nutrition: Good or Bad?

There are currently two dietary trends with completely opposing views on beans. ThePaleolithic Diet along with Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf are on the anti-bean side while the Slow Carb Diet with Tim Ferriss and Dan Buettner are firmly in the “beans are awesome camp”.

So what gives? Are beans good or bad? Should I include them in my diet or not? Let’s find out about bean nutrition.

I can’t answer that for you, but I can supply you with some information that you can use to poke around the internet and make an educated decision that will fit your life. If nothing else, my aim is to make you reconsider your stance on beans – be it for or against – so that you analyze it further and come to the best conclusion for you – not the conclusion someone else told you to take. I will do my best to provide many citations for every bullet point – so further learning is easy.

The Anti bean camp says…

Ok, if I haven’t scared the pants off of you, here is what

The Pro bean camp says…

There you go, five arguments for each camp and a ton of external links to dig even deeper.

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