Motivation is not what you’re looking for

It will come and go. Mainly it will come when you feel strong and capable, and go when you feel weak and frustrated.

The problem with motivation is it’s absent when you really need to lean on it. And then when we fail, we blame it on not being motivated enough. It’s a vicious cycle, one where we fail to realize that we really needto change our lives, our perspective, our priorities, and our habits.

Motivation doesn’t get goals or dreams to come true. A powerful speech might make you work harder for 10 seconds, but it isn’t going to carry you to a 7min mile.

Motivation is not the key.

You are looking for new habits, small changes that will supercharge the future you. You are looking for plain old grind, the kind of grind that will get you to finishing your first triathlon.

You are looking for lasting impact and permanent changes, not some colorful block quote carefully applied to the gym wall.

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