‘Just 55 pounds’, ‘just with a band though’, ‘just from my knees’, ‘just ring rows’

How often have you heard this? An apology for ‘just’ doing _____________

As if your best somehow needs an apology because it isn’t at firebreather level. As it if means your best isn’t really a big deal.

NEWSFLASH! If you have never lifted 55 pounds and you just did, that’s a big f*&^ing deal.

If you managed to scale the workout harder than you ever have before, guess what? It’s a big f*&^ing deal. I don’t care if you were on your knees or using a band or scaling the weight. If it pushed you past your boundaries and tested your limits – it is a big f*&^ing deal.

Don’t sit there and reduce your accomplishments to a ‘just’.

There will always be someone faster, stronger, smarter, fitter than you. Always.

Why assume your workout needs an apology because you are not the best of the best? That’s just silly.

You do you. You do what pushes *your* limits, what makes *you* see stars, and you walk away proud. You walk away knowing that you left everything on the mat, and you stand tall, because you didn’t ‘just’ do the workout, you killed it. And that’s all anyone can ask for.

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