Expanding your gym: Informing members

Everything is finalized!

Now is the right time to let your members know about your new location. Don’t tell them before you know when and where the second place will open – if things don’t work out you don’t want to have to change what you tell them 10 times, it just doesn’t look professional. But when all the ground work is done, the build out has started and your marketing is up and running, you should let them know about the awesomeness of the second location.

Get excited

If you aren’t full of energy and excitement when you tell your members about the new location, how can you expect them to be? Get excited, talk about it to everyone, tell members all the great bells and whistles at the new location and generate some buzz.

Be prepared

You are going to get a thousand questions from your members. Will their coaches change? Will the programming change? Will their membership cover both locations? Can they move their membership over if the second location is more convenient? Will anything at their location change?

Be prepared, know the answers ahead of time to as many questions you can think of. You will likely need to put more than one members worries at ease – especially if you are a heavy presence at your current location and they fear losing you.

Get to social media

If you are opening up a completely second affiliate, then get on social media and create all the pages for your new location. Once you have it set up use your current platforms to shout out the good news. Start posting various articles you find relevant on the new site to get followers (and potential future members) and try to get current members to follow both.

And of course, prepare for your opening day!

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