If you wait

If you wait.

If you wait to try a new lift in the gym, you will never learn the technique, the movement or the respect you must have for the iron.

If you wait to step it up for a skill, be it using a harder band for dips, moving to the rings, always trying single unders instead of DU attempts – if you wait for any of that you will be right where you are today this time next month, or even next year.

If you wait until pushups from your toes are easy before leaving your knees – you will be on your knees indefinitely.

What is the loss in trying it today? Writing down a DFL? A DNF? Not getting a PR at the level you are used to?

What is the point in waiting? Do not fear failure; failure is step forward.

Fear stagnation. Fear waiting for something so long that your dreams and goals slowly die out.

All it takes is an “I’ll try” today – it doesn’t have to be “I can”, just “I’ll give it a shot” or “I’ll work on it”. That’s not to much to ask of yourself is it?

“If we wait until we are ready we will be waiting for the rest of our lives.” – Lemony Snicket

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