Crush the Stereotype

Crush the stereotype.

There are a lot of stereotypes floating around out there, telling you what you can do, what you aren’t capable of, trying to define you.

They are all meaningless.

Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you are weak, or too frail to pick up heavy weights without hurting yourself. The women I know don’t worry about the number on the scale, but the number on the bar. The women I know crush the stereotype every day.

Just because you are overweight doesn’t mean you are lazy or powerless. Every time you walk in the gym, every rep, every pushup, every pullup, banded or not, every calorie rowed – they are all hammers hitting the stereotype down.

Just because you CrossFit doesn’t mean you are a beastly firebreather who lives off of a protein shake IV or spends their weekends in the hospital recovering from rhabdo. The CrossFitters I know live balanced lives. They strive for their goals. The CrossFitters I know don’t fit into the media’s notion of crazy, insane, athletic zombies.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. But every action you take can either feed the stereotype or help to break it down.

Choose to help break them down. Every day with every rep. Choose to be strong, confident, capable and smart.

No matter what stereotype someone tries to put you in, break out and crush it – because you are more than just a preconceived notion or an uneducated ignorance.

You are better than that, you are stronger than that – and it’s time you let the world know it.

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