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Standard WOD Journal

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Custom WOD Journal

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Pink and blue custom fitness journal for training

First, The Most Important Thing

Our number #1 goal is for you to get an amazing wod journal…

An amazing wod journal for your improvement, your fitness, metcons, weightlifting, intensity. If you have any questions, just ask!

If you’re not sure about this priority of ours, check out our reviews

Modify the colors of your personalized notebook

Design a Cover – Make it Yours

To design your cover you’ll use our custom cover designer to pick out your colors, backgrounds, text and images. We let you do pretty much everything to your cover and we’ll send a proof before printing if you want (almost everyone does).

Tailored fitness journal workout pages are built for nutrition, strength, conditioning and note taking

Tailored WOD Pages

Our WOD Journals are tailored to your workouts and box experience. We’ve got space for conditioning, weightlifting sessions, PR tables and Hero workouts. We’ve designed this journal from the ground up to be perfect for your WODs.

fitness journal with thank you note and expedited shipping

Purchase – 100% Guarantee

We don’t know what you’ve ordered until you purchase it, but we will double check everything looks good and reach out to you if you’ve requested a proof or if we notice something odd about your page choices.

Jennifer's email exchange for the Hip Hop Shop custom journal

Check Your Email for a Proof

After you’ve ordered we’ll compile your cover and journal choices and send you a digital proof to approve. If all looks good then just give the go-ahead and print it out.

Journals ready to be shipped out

Print and Ship

Once you’ve approved your wod journal, we’ll start printing and shipping. Usually it takes a couple business days to get your journal out the door but we try to move as fast as possible.

Evan Saint Clair - founder and owner of Journal Menu

Meet Evan

Evan is the main craftsman and production head, and you’ll probably chat with him for order details and revisions. Feel free to mention his addiction to chocolate chip cookies for a special discount.

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