Will you overcome yourself in fitness?


I know that sometimes it feels impossible to find another path to your goals. You have convinced yourself, time and again, that this is exactly what you must do. If you just stick with it, you think, for another month or another year then surely you will be there.

But then the weeks and months tick by, and still, no progress towards your goal. Still you stare at the elusive posts that seem so far away. Still you tell yourself, if you just work harder you will get there. Maybe you even beat yourself up about it. Maybe you wonder why the extra hours aren’t paying off.

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe it is the path that is impeding your progress? Have you ever stopped to wonder if maybe, just maybe, another path might get you there?

That doesn’t mean giving up on your goal. It means approaching it from a different angle. An angle that may or may not work.

It means being willing to accept failure of the program in hopes to find success for the goal. It means overcoming your own personal beliefs about how you should be able to get there, and instead finding a path that will actually get you there.

Will you overcome yourself in fitness?


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