Through the Dark

This time I’m not talking about the dark place you go to during the workout. This time, I’m talking about the dark tunnel to your goals.

The months and months of agonizing, tiring, slow movement towards success.

Months of feeling like it is impossible, months of going through the motions even through you are not inspired or motivated or excited.

It feels like an eternity. It feels insufferable.

But if you keep moving forward, if you keep showing up and doing the work – irregardless of your excitement for it that day – a light will be born.

And after seemingly endless cultivation, that light will be so bright you will forget what the darkness even felt like. You will bask in the warmth of goals being crushed. If for only a moment, as you ring that bell, you will feel super human.

You’ve survived the darkness before. You will survive it again. Don’t give up.

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