Stop Caring What Other People Think

Stop caring what other people think.

Stop worrying about what you are wearing to the WOD – all you need is something you can sweat and PR in.

Stop wondering if you are good enough to be on a platform – just jump in, there is no time like the present to try and hang with the higher weights.

Stop feeling pressure to fudge your time or your reps just so you can look better on the whiteboard – the only person who the score matters to is you.

Stop wasting so much mental energy on the outside. You need that mental energy.

You need it to stand a fighting chance against all the obstacles that stand in your way. You need it to be able to push harder.

If you are only thinking about what the guy next to you thinks of your lift, how can you be thinking ABOUT your lift? Or about your WOD? Or about your skill?

Stop caring what other people think, just get out there and do it.

Focus on yourself.

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