They all started somewhere fragile.

They all started somewhere fragile.

The best… our heroes… those we aspire to be like.

None of them were born great.

They worked for it, spent the time, wrestled the demons, listened to the little voice and ignored the lazy one.

They are the ones who come in early and leave late, who sacrifice time and again for the goals which guide their path.

They are the ones who eat right and train right and think right, the ones who aspire for greatness, and then work for it.

There’s no reason you can’t be like them, no reason you can’t rise to the top of your potential, but your success requires your commitment.

Your success requires your sacrifice.

Your success requires your discipline.

Most of all, your success requires your time.

All those sacrifices and sweat, failures and turmoils. Showing up when others don’t, strategizing risk and playing the long game. Putting in the work.

Commitment, sacrifice, discipline, they are in you.

Are you willing?

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